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Software House is dedicated to specialize in developing software applications. We collaborate between managers, designers, and developers to accomplish our clients' goals. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, we turn them into exceptional digital products that transform the way they do business.

Software House
Software House
Software House
who we are
who we are

About Us

Basic Computing Community (BCC) is a community of students from the faculty of computer science at Brawijaya University who are interested in developing, exploring, and collaborating so that they can excel and produce useful and impactful digital products by doing workshops, participating in competitions, create and contribute to open sources, and introducing a real work environment.



A tech enthusiast community that focuses on improving human resources in the field of technology and providing quality services to fulfill the needs of the society



Front End

Front End

The one users sees

Back End

Back End

Where all the logic lies

Project Manager


Ensure users satisfied with our product

Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence

Analyze data and create solutions


Research & Development

Carries out research on and outside campus and collaborates with Go-Academy as a Learning Partner.

Public Relation

Ensures all information can be conveyed properly between members, as well as internal and external parties of BCC.

Talent Development

Manage and develop internal resources

what we engaged

Numbers that depict the story are shown to reveal how far we've stepped








what they say

we create remarkable marks

what we made

Explore our projects to see how we can bring your ideas to life


Official Learning Partner


GOJEK is a technology company that provides on-demand transportation and lifestyle services that keep cities moving. Driven by the spirit of spreading positive social impact through technology, GOJEK's expansion aims to enhance the quality of life of its customers by ensuring efficiency in each market and as a solution for people's frustrations on a daily basis.


We are proud to announce our partnership with GOACADEMY, a GOJEK talent incubator that produces world-class technical talent in the Indonesian tech industry. This partnership is expected to increase the number of BCC's members actively contributing to Indonesia's technology industry.


We appreciate our members who are eager to compete and become the representative of our community

3rd Winner
Hackfest 2023

Google Developer Student Club Indonesia

3rd Winner
Intention IFEST 2022

Universitas Padjajaran

1st Winner
UX Design Competition IT Convert 2022

Universitas Jember

3rd Winner
8th Closer 2022

Telkom University

What we contribute

We aim to be more impactful to our surrounding by learning together in collaboration

Klinik Koding

Klinik Koding is a routine workshop held by BCC before practicum exam as a preparation for FILKOM students to face their practical exams. This workshop is never empty of enthusiasts, especially new students who wish to learn more about this subject.

Logo Basic Programming

Basic Programming

Logo Basic Programming

Advanced Programming

Logo machine Learning

Algorithm and Data Structure

Gambar Klinik Koding
Gambar Klinik Koding

Data Science Mini Bootcamp

Data Science Mini Bootcamp is the first external workshop organized by the Data Science department with the aim of introduce FILKOM students who are interested in data. This event was greeted with high enthusiasm by FILKOM students with a total of 80 participant.

Logo Data Science

Data Science

Logo Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Logo Deep learning

Deep Learning

Who collaborate with us

We exchange knowledge among the clubs that run in the IT field

Comparative Study

The comparative study aims to compare and share ideas, methods, and systems thereby gaining a deeper understanding of other organizations and open up opportunities to work together in the future. Comparative study is expected to break down boundaries and establish togetherness, as well encourage BCC and other organizations to continue to develop so that they can impact the surroundings. BCC has done a comparative study

  • RAION Community
  • DevGirls
Gambar Klinik Koding

Have questions? We're here to help

What types of services are offered?

Software development, such as web and mobile application development, , e-commerce development, software solutions for business, system integration, server rental and so on.

Experience, reputation, focus on quality, speed of development, and approach to working on projects.

Information about the business needs and ultimate goals of the project, the available budget, the desired schedule and deadline, and the resources to be used.

The time it takes to complete a software development project can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the team involved.

We will do maintenance project if using our server.

To be able to order software, you can fill out the project request form (according to your wording button) and we will contact you soon. If you are having trouble, you can also contact us to the available contacts in the google form.

The price of each website/application depends on the complexity of the needs you want. You will be charged 5% of the total project price agreed with our team.

We will start the software development process when you have paid 50% of the down payment, after that we will hand over the software when you have paid the remaining 50% of the project.


We nurture digital talent and empower businesses to grow with our software house from ideation to completion to deliver our solutions.

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